This page shows the outside of our house including the landscaping.

This is the view from the street. At the right end of the house is Bonnie and the dog Chico.

A close-up of the the front of the house showing the plants . That's Bonnie in the front walk.

The Back Yard. In the foreground is a raised-bed planter. The small building is a coop for our 5 chickens. Next to the chicken coop is a small patch of lawn for the chickens to eat; the grass gives them calcium for the eggshells. Also visible are some of the many trees. The wires at the top right are my ham radio antenna.

This is the raised-bed planter with a wind screen. It also keeps out the dogs and chickens.

Mondale pines are planted along the back and side lot lines.

One of the chickens. A fruit tree is on the left. The bird feeder is on the right.

This is how to keep plants alive in the desert. Under the stones is a network of hoses. At each plant, one or more bubblers are tapped into a hose. Each plant is watered twice a day.

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